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Do Subcontractors Need a Logo?

Do Subcontractors Need a Logo?

We all know that reputation is everything for Subcontractors. So the question here is, do subcontractors need a logo?

Whether you’re an electrician, designer or personal trainer, what people believe and share about your business is crucial to building your list of clients and customers. You need to set yourself apart from your competitors! This is why subcontractors do need a logo.

 It may be the quality of your work, competitive pricing, transparency or any number of things that make your business a cut above the rest, however, there’s one very important element that can often be overlooked.  It’s the single pillar to which all your reputation is attached – your brand.

Just like you can’t build a house without a foundation, you can’t build a reputation without a brand.  Your brand is the single most crucial thing to make sure your clients and customers recognise, remember and tell all their friends about the experience you provide.

Understanding logo design, graphics and colours isn’t everyone’s cup of tea though – they don’t teach branding in most apprenticeships!  Even for those who may have an eye for design, creating a brand will usually mean valuable time away from the tools, job sites and clients.

How do you create a logo?

Procuring the services of a graphic designer seems like the easiest option.  Have you ever received a quote for graphic design services though? We’ve met sparkies who are more affordable! Your next option is to try an online service – there are many websites that promise cheap and easy branding services.  You only need to speak to someone who has used one of those services to know what to expect though.  The results are always poor quality, generic… or both.

That’s when you need Looka!

Do Subcontractors Need a Logo?

Whether you’re just getting established or it’s time to rejuvenate your brand, Looka is an online branding service with a difference.  That difference?  Artificial intelligence. 

We’ll spare you the technical mumbo jumbo and just tell you that it’s easy, it’s affordable and it delivers results. So what do you need to do?

What you need to do

  1. Tell Looka the name of your business
  2. Choose from a few existing logos and colour schemes so Looka can understand your tastes
  3. Sit back and put your feed up while Looka gets on the tools and makes the magic happen!
  4. List your business on Find a Subbie to get found as a subcontractor!

Looka will then present you with dozens of logos to choose from!  All original, and all professional quality!  The entire process takes less than 10 minutes!  Better yet, Looka also offers templates, marketing assets and websites to go with your brand new logo.  All through just a few clicks and all at your fingertips at extremely affordable prices.

This brings us to the answer of the age old question, do Subcontractors need a logo? The answer is, YES if you want to succeed.

What are you waiting for? Check out Looka and get your new brand in minutes.

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